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Concrete Finishing


Since our beginning in 1994, Landmark Concrete has specialized in placing and finishing flatwork (floors).  Whether it’s a slab on grade, slab on metal deck, panels, or elevated frame slab, Landmark Concrete has done it all and with spectacular results.


In today’s marketplace, Owners are constantly seeking flatter and more level floors than ever before.   Achieving high ‘F’ numbers has never been a problem for Landmark Concrete.  We consistently exceed numbers that are required by specifications.  The use of newly patented tools that we employ in our finishing process guarantees that the results of the finished product will satisfy even the toughest General Contractor and Owner.


The patented ‘Screed Rail’ was first produced in our shop in Chantilly, Va. and is now being manufactured and sold worldwide by The Allen Face Company.  This tool now enables our finishers to achieve ‘FL’ (levelness) numbers that before were beyond human capabilities when screeded by hand.  The original ‘Screed Rail’ proto-type still hangs in our shop.


We have a large fleet of finishing equipment including walk-behind trowels and one of the largest inventories of ride-on double trowels in the area.  We also have a full complement of finishing machines that are powered by propane for indoor use. We’re able to handle placements of any size, from 2,000 sf to 30,000 sf and beyond.

Early Entry Saw Cutting

As the finishing process is completed, action must be taken to prevent random cracking of the concrete.  Regardless of how carefully the concrete slab is engineered and the strength of the concrete is maintained, random cracking does occur.  To control these cracks, that is to have the concrete crack where it will not compromise the structural integrity of the slab, early entry saw cutting is required.  This process creates ‘control joints’ where if the concrete does crack, it will follow the sawed control joints and not travel randomly across the slab.  “Early entry’ saw cutting is important in that the slab is cut as soon as 1 hour after set time, insuring that random cracking is stopped before it begins.


Landmark Concrete maintains a fleet of early entry saws that are used on every slab we place.  Our saws are capable of cutting anywhere from ¼” to 3 full inches deep.  The cutting of control joints is just as important as the final finishing process.


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